A Strong, Healthy Team

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We are honored to have partners who send us and would like to have partners who go with us!

By God’s grace, we continue to work hard to build our ministry support team, so that we can go to the field with the resources we need for healthy ministry. God has already blessed us with wonderful individuals, families, and churches who have partnered with us financially and prayerfully to send us to language school and the ministry of teaching and discipleship.

We are so thankful for those who have committed to partner with us in our ministry through their financial support and prayers! We also look forward to connecting the partners we have not yet met. Your partnership makes our going possible.

But, we’ve also been thinking about another aspect of our ministry. I wrote the following in my journal this morning:

We have begun to pray for families who will join us in ministry by going with us and serving alongside us. Specifically, we want three families.

First, we want an older family who can mentor us, encourage us, and help us transition, learn culture and people and ministry; although they are not old, we believe we have this family in Russ and Lynn Turner. Second, we would like a family who is in a similar life season as us, so they can partner with us through the course of our missions ministry. Third, we would like a younger couple to join us, so that we can mentor them, work alongside them, and prepare the ministry to continue long after we are gone should the Lord not return during our lifetime.

Please pray with us. Thanks!