And It Begins …

discipleshipJimmy’s Egg. A place I’ve never been. A place I’d never heard of until August 2013. But God has used it, and probably countless other things in our lives, to get our family where we are now.

We are committed to discipleship. Not just reading about it, talking about it, and thinking of how to do it – but actually doing it. Our lives have been changed.

Facing many unknowns to us, but nothing unknown to our sovereign God, we set out in a new direction for our family. We are now missionaries. Missionaries with a ministry of teaching and discipling pastors.

We invite you to keep up with us. Not because it’s about us, because we’re crazy if we think it’s about us. But because following Jesus and making disciples of Him are ALL ABOUT HIM.

P.S. For those who are curious, Jimmy’s Egg is a restaurant in Oklahoma City. Randall Faulkner, a pastor in Oklahoma City, writes about his experiences of discipling men in his church in Meeting the Dawn at Jimmy’s Egg.